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Authorized representative: Dinka Sabalic

Liability for the content, agreements or contractual relationships, and for the actions and consequence(s) of the actions resulting from the use of the platform

Mimopass Sabalic (hereinafter "Mimopass", "we", "us", “company”) is responsible for its own content. Mimopass assumes no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the content, and whether it’s up-to-date when it comes to the third-party content from registered and/or unregistered users and/or third parties. Mimopass cannot verify if the published requests for transport, listed locations and means of travel/transport contain true and valid information. As described in the General Terms and Conditions, registered and unregistered users (sender, transporter, receiver) are individually and personally responsible for their actions and the consequences of their actions.

Mimopass cannot be held responsible for the actual execution of the transport. You assume full responsibility for any possible utilization and its consequences arising from services offered by Mimopass.

You accept that Mimopass is not responsible for any disputes, financial damages, criminal and civil consequences and to that related costs arising from any possible utilization of services offered by Mimopass to and between the registered and/or unregistered users and/or third parties.

It is the sender’s and the transporter’s liability to have all the necessary permits for sending and transporting the package. Here, Mimopass’ liability is completely excluded.

We would like to point out that Mimopass is an Internet networking platform where service seekers can advertise the objects that need to be transported in order to find potential transporters and search for potential transporter. Mimopass has no control over the behavior of its registered users. Mimopass does not own or operate any means of travel/transport on the Platform, does not offer its own means of travel/transport, it doesn’t offer transport services and does not act as a carrier on the Platform. Its role is only limited to providing access to the platform.

Mimopass is not involved in any contract, agreement or contractual relationship of any kind between the registered and/or unregistered users and/or third parties and assumes no responsibility for this.

Between registered and/or unregistered users and/or third parties and/or Mimopass there are not and will not be employee-employer relationship, authorization relations, agency relations or partnership relations, no matter for what reason. Nothing creates an affiliate, transaction, joint venture, or partnership with Mimopass for you, and you may not act on behalf of the company.

Applicable law - Legal disputes

In the event of a dispute and/or complaints against Mimopass, its platform and/or its services, an amicable solution shall be sought. In order to comply with the applicable rules for arbitration, all objections must be made in writing. Among other things, the written objection can be made via the following online dispute resolution platform:

Data protection

Your personal data that we collect and process will not be passed on to third parties without your explicit consent.

Your contact details which you share with us through the platform and we share with your selected transporter or sender, after the transport between you is reserved, are necessary to enable the delivery of the package by the transporter. The receiver’s contact details that you share with us will only be used for the purpose of transporting the package. In order to carry out the transport process as smoothly as possible for all parties involved, before the delivery of the package to the receiver, we will send the receiver an invitation to register on the platform if the sender provided their e-mail address.